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(Photo of an unidentified Shaman stolen from here – a poetry blog?)

I’ve been reading Shamanism by Nevill Drury:

“The Goldi and Dolgan…believe that prior to being born, the souls of little children sit like birds on the branches of the World Tree, and that shamans go there to find them.”

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From the books:
Masks, Face Coverings and Headgear by Norman Laliberté and Alex Mogelon
Maskwork by Jennifer Foreham


Yak butter sculptures

I wasn’t particularly excited about this week’s episode of A Year In Tibet until these yak butter sculptures were shown. They’re made for the Tibetan new year celebration, Losar.

Some super intricate flowers here and I can’t believe this is made from yak butter:

butter sculpture, originally uploaded by this is emily.

Students for a Free Tibet UK
Tibet Will Be Free


Recent paper sculptures



This is the roly poly puppet sculpture thing. I put lentils in it.


More hopi kachina dolls


The skullman

The skullman, originally uploaded by xiaoxi_kny.



Tibetan shaman ritual

I tried making some dough sculptures before, but it was never as squidgey and good as these. Screencaps from the bbc programme, A Year In Tibet. You can still watch the whole thing here.


Costume gang

Text from the book:

“Masked figures from the “Wilde Jagd” Christmas folklore festivity in Salzburg, Austria. These festivities originate through the Perchtenlaufen custom, a period when the fearsome witch Perchta, who envies happily married couples, roams the villages. Processions of horribly masked figures armed with sticks and clubs meet throughout the festivity to chase the witch away.”

25th April 2010 Edit – This picture is from Masks, Face Coverings and headgear by Norman Laliberté and Alex Mogelon


Tehuana postcard 1939

Tehuana postcard 1939, originally uploaded by Teyacapan.

My new favourite flickr user: Teyacapan