Pomak Brides

 As far as the bride’s white face is concerned, Ribnovo locals have their own legend: In earlier times boys would go with their fathers into the mountains to herd sheep, only returning to the village when they were ready to get married. Since this rough lifestyle afforded them only minimal experience with women, they somehow had to learn to be gentle. Thus, the groom’s first task after the wedding – then as now – is to carefully wash his wife’s face with milk.


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Final touches to the image of the Bulgarian ethnic group of the bride Pomaks. (Valentina Petrova - AFP : Getty Images)

This picture taken on October 30, 2009, shows Silvia Bakalova, a Bulgarian Muslim bride from the Pomak ethnic group, attended to by unidentified guests during her wedding ceremony in the village of Draginovo, 100 kms southeast of Sofia. During the Communist regime religious rituals were not tolerated, and Muslims were forced to integrate into Bulgaria's largely Christian Orthodox population, pressing them to abandon their religious rituals or from wearing their traditional outfits. Despite the persecutions Bulgarian speaking Muslims in southern Bulgaria have managed to keep their winter marriage ceremony alive. AFP PHOTO / NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV (Photo credit should read NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Found at http://www.chariweb.com/2012/03/color-wedding-ceremonies-of-world.html

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