Eugene Gabritschevsky

From a book on outsider art, nothing comes up on google apart from a M.O.B. Trio album cover where they’ve used one of his paintings.


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    EXCELLENT ! I didn’t know him …

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    Gabritchevsky was a brilliant Russian geneticist who became schizophrenic in his 30’s and spent the rest of his life in a sanitorium in Germany. He drew and painted non-stop, on whatever the nurses and doctors would bring to him, even x-ray paper.

    Galerie Chave in Vence, France, has an extensive collection and helped discover his work, along with Jean Dubuffet. He is also represented in the Art Brut Collection in Lausanne (referenced at'Art_Brut ). The Centre Pompidou in Paris has an extensive collection thanks to the donation of Daniel Cordier, documented in this superb book

  • Alison
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    Pierre Chave produced a book about Gabritchevsky in 1998, which is very informative. It is in French and has many other paintings and drawings. Gabritchevsky did indeed paint on anything and everything – I bought one of his paintings, which is on the back of a letter dated October 1943 from the Munich Obermeister in charge of roof repairs to war damaged buildings. It ends with Heil Hitler. The painting is very poignant – of butterflies in flight.

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