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(CHINA OUT) Tu ethnic minority group men perform the ‘Wutu’ Dance around residents’ houses during an annual exorcism ceremony at Nianduhu Village on January 8, 2007 in Tongren County of Qinghai Province, northwest China. The village holds a ceremony to drive out evil spirits every year, in which they will choose seven strong men to perform the ancient dance ‘Wutu’, which means tiger in ancient time. The men will apply ashes and draw lines on their bodies, villagers then put Chinese bread and meat on the sticks of the Wutus. The more food Wutus took, the more luck they were considered to bring, as the villagers think Wutus take away bad luck and evil. In the end of the ceremony, Wutus will wash themselves in the river symbolizing getting rid of the evil. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

I actually have an anonymous relative who went to China to get exorcised because his parents thought he had been voodooed by someone and had become possessed. Click the read more to see the our chat transcript about what it was like. You might know of the chinese yellow papers and the chicken referred to in the chat from the awesome film, Mr. Vampire?

Balfour says: (17:39:17)
oh yeah i cant really remember what happened when I got exorcised
Me says: (17:39:38)
was it traumatising?!
Balfour says: (17:39:41)
but the bloke who did it wasnt wearing special robes or anything. I think he was just wearing normal china peasant clothes
Balfour says: (17:40:00)
only when he threw a LIVE CHICKEN over my head and the chicken shat itself
Balfour says: (17:40:25)
and all those freaky statues of gods/goddesses I was supposed to pray too freaked me out too
Balfour says: (17:40:40)
and when my auntie told me not to wear anything flammable that freaked me out
Balfour says: (17:41:08)
only these were MASSIVE ones
Balfour says: (17:41:21)
all in a row at the top of many many steps
Balfour says: (17:41:34)
and there was an alter right at the bottom of the steps
Balfour says: (17:41:44)
where the monk had laid out a huge feast for the gods
Balfour says: (17:41:54)
i think it was just a temple
Me says: (17:42:56)
was it real food?
Me says: (17:43:04)
do they eat the food after or do they let it rot?
Balfour says: (17:44:28)
its real food. everyone else was allowed to eat the food, but I WASNT ALLOWED
Balfour says: (17:45:02)
apparantly coz its me who was “offering” the food to the gods, I’m not allowed to take it away from them by eating it
Me says: (17:45:28)
did the whole family go with you?
Balfour says: (17:46:20)
more or less
Balfour says: (17:46:29)
it was well far away
Balfour says: (17:46:33)
we had to get a fucking bus
Me says: (17:46:38)
did you feel any spiritualness when it was happening?
Balfour says: (17:46:41)
to the middle of nowhere
Balfour says: (17:46:47)
I did actually
Balfour says: (17:46:57)
Balfour says: (17:47:05)
felt lighthearted for a few days
Balfour says: (17:47:12)
like all my troubles had gone
Me says: (17:47:21)
Me says: (17:47:34)
do you believe in what they were doing then??
Balfour says: (17:47:44)
Balfour says: (17:47:51)
to a certain extent I think
Balfour says: (17:48:27)
oh yeah i forgot to tell you that before the temple thing
Balfour says: (17:48:40)
they made me meet the monk bloke
Balfour says: (17:49:07)
and he went into a deep trance thing, and his pupils disappeared
Balfour says: (17:49:19)
and he started speaking to me in a really weird voice, like a different person
Me says: (17:49:27)
Balfour says: (17:49:31)
and he was telling me all this stuff that I had never told anybody before
Balfour says: (17:49:40)
about stuff that had happened in Gautemala
Balfour says: (17:49:49)
and it freaked me out completely
Balfour says: (17:50:02)
and my cousin with the pointy ears was sat next to me
Me says: (17:50:08)
was it proper stuff he couldnt have guessed?!
Balfour says: (17:50:09)
and he had a bog roll with him
Balfour says: (17:50:20)
and when I started crying, he kept passing me bog roll
Balfour says: (17:50:31)
it was stuff that he couldnt have guessed about
Balfour says: (17:50:52)
i felt a bit sick then
Balfour says: (17:51:12)
it was well scary
Me says: (17:51:26)
did the monk like drink anything to go into a trance?
Balfour says: (17:51:45)
no dont think so
Balfour says: (17:52:12)
he just sat in front of me, closed his eyes for a bit, then when he opened them, he’d gone into a trance
Balfour says: (17:53:54)
oh yeah and at the temple, there was lots of writing in red ink on yellow paper, and then burning it all while walking around the statues of the gods
Balfour says: (17:54:53)
yeah the monk goes first, prays to the god, then I follow him and do the same thing, pray and bow
Me says: (17:55:32)
is this before the chicken?
Balfour says: (17:55:50)
Balfour says: (17:55:56)
the chicken thing was near the end
Me says: (17:59:44)
anything else you remember?
Balfour says: (18:00:09)
Balfour says: (18:00:55)
altho i do remember coming back to the UK and burning those stupid yellow papers in a pot outside and mixing the ashes with water and being made to bloody drink that shite
Me says: (18:01:20)
Me says: (18:01:32)
were these papers from china?
Balfour says: (18:01:48)
yea. from the monk
Balfour says: (18:05:36)
wot’s wiv your obsession with this?

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