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Tibetan skeleton costume

tibetan art008

Postcard from a Tibetan art exhibition in Tokyo from Leo / Megaforce.


Swing purification


“There is no other way but to shake sin off one’s shoulders.  During the three days Qorbân holiday, all people regardless of their age or sex, ride on swings towards the heavens to purify themselves of sin.  Doydokh village, Jargalân.”


15 minute factory festival


I have a stall in the art market of the 15 Minute Factory festival this weekend. Come have a butchers at drawings, prints, little books & zine and maybe even some tea towels! from myself and Mr. Wowoutrageous.


Sunday 27th September : art market : 85 stalls : craft fair : make salon : acoustic music showcase


Fair 1pm to 8pm : Music 4pm to 10pm

Tickets Door Only: £3 before 4pm : £6 after

The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage St, E1 5JL (off Brick Lane)

Closest Stations: Aldgate East and Liverpool Street


Full Info and Line-up http://15minutefactory.blogspot.com


Phi Ta Khon ghosts

Wai, originally uploaded by simonparisphotography.
‘Phi’ is Thai for ‘ghost’, or ‘spirit’ (pronounced as ‘pee’); ‘Ta’ (technically it sounds like ‘dtah’) means ‘eyes’; and‘Khon’ refers to the famous Thai traditional, masked dance discipline.

p.s. I made a tumblr to shove all images I feast on (so thats this blog +  what isn’t worth a full blog post).


Kukeri Festival

Shiroka Laka 324, originally uploaded by kingsmen6.




kukeri mask

kukeri mask, originally uploaded by saint_sparrow.


The skullman

The skullman, originally uploaded by xiaoxi_kny.



Costume gang

Text from the book:

“Masked figures from the “Wilde Jagd” Christmas folklore festivity in Salzburg, Austria. These festivities originate through the Perchtenlaufen custom, a period when the fearsome witch Perchta, who envies happily married couples, roams the villages. Processions of horribly masked figures armed with sticks and clubs meet throughout the festivity to chase the witch away.”

25th April 2010 Edit – This picture is from Masks, Face Coverings and headgear by Norman Laliberté and Alex Mogelon